Westbank Wrestling Club

Get a USA Wrestling Card (5 steps)

The USA Wrestling card is only needed if wrestler will compete in tournaments.

1.  Go to http://www.usawmembership.com/ (credit card needed)
2. If you had a USAW card previously, log in to renew membership. Contact Coach Dean for USAW #.
3. First time getting USAW card? Create an account.
4. Fill out form (make sure to list the Westbank Wrestling Club for club) and make payment.
5. Print a copy of USAW card and bring to practice.

Registration for Jan. - May 2018 Season

Pay Club Fee using PayPal

Club fee is $100. Please note, we charge a $5 fee to pay online.

Enter Wrestler's name

How to Join

Register (2 methods)

1. Download form, fill out and bring to practice.


2. Fill out form on this page (to the right) and hit "Submit".

Pay Fee (3 methods)

1. Pay online using PayPal on this page.


2. Pay with cash and bring to practice.


3. Pay with a check made payable to "Westbank Wrestling Club" and bring to practice.