Westbank Wrestling Club

     W.I.S.E.  stands for Wrestling to Instill Self Esteem. It is a sports-based youth development program that incorporates character education and nutrition lessons into wrestling practice.

 With the epidemic of childhood obesity in our country, the Westbank Wrestling Club is working to reverse the trend. Through the sport of wrestling, the W.I.S.E. Program teaches lessons of nutrition, builds character and gets kids physically active. Wrestling is innately designed to the improve a child's physical fitness and develop their character to be a functional and productive citizen. We also stress the importance of eating properly to maintain a healthy body.

     Wrestlers must weigh-in to compete in a weight class to keep competition fair. However, in the past, wrestlers have used unsafe methods to drop to a lower weight. We have nutrition lessons to teach kids the safe and healthy way to reach their optimal performance weight. The goal is to teach them proper nutrition so they can continue these healthy habits for the rest of their lives, Our coaches are trained through a variety of courses to gain the knowledge of character education, nutrition lessons and wrestling skills.