It is not too late to join. We started practice January 22nd and go until May. We can catch you child up when ever he comes to practice.

The first folkstyle tournament  is Sat., Feb. 16th at Zachary High School. Entry fee is fee $10 per wrestler and must be paid to coach at Thursday's practice when wrestler weighs in.

FIrst tournament!

The LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament will be held in Bossier City on Feb. 8 & 9, 2019. This is what the high school wrestlers have worked for all year. Good Luck wrestlers.

The WWC classes for youths is set to begin on January 22rd (Tuesday & Thursday nights) @ 6 pm. Our practice room is located in the front of gym -upstairs.

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Support Our Cause


Westbank Wrestling Club

If you would like to help us help kids, please donate. Any amount will help. We are traveling to Bossier City for the State Championships on Feb.  8 & 9, 2019.


We are a youth wrestling club that teaches the fundamentals and techniques of amateur wrestling to young men from 4-18 years old. We are located on the Westbank of the Mississippi River from New Orleans. We teach folkstyle, freestyle and greco/roman wrestling.

Youth Classes...

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